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This is a fabulous collection of original, hand-tipped-in photogravures of etchings which were created for Modern Masters of Etching, The Studio Collection.


The photogravure plates were printed by Waterlow and Sons,  London. 

The 33 volume series was published between 1924 and 1932 and included volumes on Dame Laura Knight, Whistler, Frank Brangwyn, Alphonse Legros,  and Ernest Stephen Lumsden amongst others.


The full plate size for the photogravures is 30cm x 24.5cm with the images sizes varying within the plate.

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 Photogravure is an intaglio printmaking or photo-mechanical process where a copper plate is coated with a light-sensitive gelatin tissue which had been exposed to a film positive, and then etched, resulting in a high quality intaglio print that can reproduce the detail and continuous tones of a photograph. It is no longer commonly practiced.